How does the gear shaving machine work?

The gear shaving machine manufacturer---GEEPRO MECHINERY will give you a brief introduction about the working principle of the shaving machine.

The turning, rolling, shaving and honing of gears must be closely coordinated. We must pay attention to many aspects and consider the factors of process conditions to avoid tangential and radial runout, prevent the appearance of circumferential tolerances and comprehensive errors, so control the process The above factors are very necessary. If the above processing conditions are immature, it will directly affect the processing and other factors. The shaving process consists of a disc-shaped razor and a gear to be processed, rolling on two intersecting shafts, with the razor being the active and the workpiece being the driven.

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Due to the difference between the two shafts, when rolling with each other, relative sliding occurs between the tooth surface of the razor and the workpiece. Under the condition of tooth surface pressure, there is a relative sliding result, which can shave some from the tooth surface. Very thin silky uncut.

The rotation of the helical gears that cross the two shafts can theoretically only eliminate a small area. However, due to the rolling between the razor and the workpiece, and the pressure of the tooth surface, it has a certain depth of cutting. Shave off a small long area on the tooth surface and move it axially through the workpiece, so the entire tooth surface has a shaving effect. After several round trips of the worktable, it can be shaved to remove the margin and Spots have a certain corrective effect on the concentricity of the entire gear, and the tooth surface is flat and smooth, and a good adjustment effect is obtained, which improves the gear accuracy and reduces the noise decibels of the mechanical transmission. When machining cylindrical spur gears, consider the angle between the spindle of the tool post and the spindle of the workpiece. For the best angle between the axes, please use a razor angle of 10-15 degrees.

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