YK2212B YKT2250 YK2312 YK2712 CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Cutting hobbing Generator Machine

CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine Features:


The machine is designed to operate as a three-axes CNC control Spiral Bevel Gear Generator, i.e. cradle oscillation(X axis), work spindle rotation(Y axis) and sliding base movement(Z axis)being simultaneously controlled by the CNC control system to cut gears.

The rotation of cutter spindle is controlled by . frequency-variable motor for its stepless control. There are no any change gears on the machine for easy operation, variety application and minimizing the setting time of machine. The machine settings calculated for YT2250 or Y225 machine can be converted into the relative machine sttings of YKT2250 machine.

When setting the cutter by hand, the power of main motor will be off, so as to protect the operation. Three axes (X, Y and Z) will be back to zero positions through switches for ensuring the high accuracy and there are forward and backward limit switches for Z axis.

A high precision worm gear set is used for cradle drive and work spindle drive respectively, which are controlled by AC servo system for getting high machining accuracy, the machine is with higher structural and driving rigidities.

The machine is equipped with CNC Control System 802D(SIEMENS), AC digital servo system and frequency variable regulator to accomplish the automatic or manual control and fault detecting.

The machine is equipped with an independent sealed electrical cabinet, which is with air conditioner or thermo exchanger.

Safety guards and auto-chip conveyor can be provided on the machine.

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