Powder Metallurgy Press

Powder Metallurgy Press

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GEEPRO powder metallurgy presses will provide you with a guaranteed process for your needs, no matter how unique they are.

HPP-P series of presses are suitable for powder metallurgy.fine ce ra m ics r mag ne tiemate ria Is and relevant industry what need powder to suppressit.the powder products of the especially complicated form are done and keep compacting automatically.

1. The machine use upper part driving way, little transmission wear, small place required for settle down, easily maintain as well.

2. Machine use air clutch with brake device, with few time delays

3. Machine use symmetric structure, power direct transfer from up to down. It saved the rocker arm in die floating device, so that the transmission wear will become less, and the component has higher wear resistance which can keep stable running for a long time.

4. The ejection position is fixed, which is convenient for installing in mould and adjusting mould.

5. The adjusting of upper punch, filling, final pressing and die surface, all

6. There is one oil tank between the bottom of ball handle screw and ball holder which inside the upper sliding blocker, we called hydraulic cushion. The hydraulic cushion connect to pressure sensor, and input the keeping changed the pressure signal into computer through the pressure sensor, then display the pressure change value and instantaneous value during the operation period.

7.It has upper punch air cushion inside the upper sliding blocker, which can keep the pressure towards the shaping parts when pressing process finished and make the parts difficult to crank.

8. The adjustment of filling, pressing, and top pressing has accumulating counter to display and adjust. The compacting condition is easy.

9. The function of over/under powder filling has its fixed stroke, which can prevent powder spitting and ensure the stability of filling so as to make up for shaping defects of special parts, satisfy the quality request of products.

10.Electric central lubricating pump can lubricate the press in setting time and setting volume, and with functions of detect and protection, which can make sure the lubrication system still work in serious condition.

11. The PLC system can save, use several PM parts programs and pressing adjustment data, great convenient for adjusting mould, enhance the efficiency.

12 Machine use interface operation system, setting and adjusting are easy to use

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