How to maintain the new CNC honing machine during the running-in period?

The CNC honing machine is suitable for the honing and polishing of deep-hole workpieces, and is suitable for deep-hole processing such as hydraulic cylinders, petroleum pipes, and gun barrels. The maximum machining hole depth can reach 10 meters. The machining accuracy can reach IT7 or above, and the surface roughness can be above RA0.2. The honing head can honed all kinds of materials after being equipped with corresponding honing stones.

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The work of CNC honing machine is complex, precise and diverse. We need to pay more attention to the life and maintenance of the machine. The service life can be divided into three stages: the new machine run-in period, the normal trial period, and the state maintenance period. The following mainly talks about the running-in period of the new machine that is easy to be ignored by everyone:

The maintenance of the new machine during the running-in period is easy to be ignored. The general running-in period of the new CNC honing machine is about 24 hours. The normal operation of the machine is guaranteed during the running-in period to reduce machine failures, and more importantly, to allow The service life of CNC honing machine is longer. Some people neglect these processes in the running-in period of the new machine in order to make the machine produce quickly, and the losses they receive in the later period are often greater than the benefits.

Several major characteristics of the running-in period, such as fast wear speed, poor lubrication, loosening, leakage, and many operating errors will cause varying degrees of damage to the machine.

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Maintenance and maintenance during the running-in period, because of the particularity of the new machine, during the running-in period, you should refer to the relevant manuals and materials, fully understand the machine performance, and master a certain amount of experience in operating and maintaining the new machine before you can operate the machine tool. The work load of the new machine tool during the running-in period should not be too large. After a period of work, the machine should be stopped for a period of time to prevent the machine from overloading during the running-in period and causing the machine tool to become too hot.

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