Two types of honing machines: vertical and horizontal

What are the classifications of high-performance honing machines?There are two types of honing machines: vertical and horizontal.

Let's take a closer look: It is mainly used in the honing of workpieces in manufacturing industries such as automobiles, tractors, hydraulic parts, bearings, and aviation.

The spindle of the vertical honing machine has a short working stroke, which is suitable for honing the cylinder and box holes. The honing head inlaid with whetstone is driven to rotate by the vertically arranged main shaft, and at the same time, it makes a vertical reciprocating feed motion under the drive of a hydraulic device.

The horizontal honing machine has a long working stroke and is suitable for honing deep holes with a depth of up to 3000 mm. The honing head placed horizontally does not rotate, but only makes axial reciprocating motion. The workpiece is driven to rotate by the main shaft. A center frame supporting the workpiece and a guide frame supporting the honing rod are arranged in the middle of the bed. In the process of processing, the oil stone of the honing head is fed radially under the action of the expansion and contraction mechanism to gradually process the workpiece to the required size. New-type honing machines mostly use honing heads that expand and contract hydraulically. Most honing machines are semi-automatic, often with automatic measuring devices, and can also be incorporated into automatic production lines. In addition to the honing machine for processing holes, there are also cylindrical honing machines, bearing raceway honing machines, flat honing machines and curved honing machines for processing other surfaces.

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