How to avoid errors when operating precision honing machine?

With the continuous progress of various types of modern industry, there are more and more instruments available around us. I believe that through previous introductions, everyone has a simple understanding of honing machines, but for the CNC honing machine, it will also have many errors during processing. If we do not pay attention to these errors, it will be a certain threat to our production. In order to make our work and life more convenient and faster, GEEPRO will tell you something useful on how to avoid these errors.

The CNC honing machine is mainly used for hole processing of some precision instruments. The opposite of accuracy is the error that occurs during processing. If there is an error, it will have a great impact on the use of parts, and even cause The honing machine was paralyzed and the company stopped production. Errors are inevitable in honing, and people can only find ways to reduce the frequency of their appearance.

Common errors in honing include machining error, machining principle error, adjustment error and so on. Machining error is the difference between the shape and size of the part after processing and the ideal design; the processing principle error refers to the error generated after the similar processing principle is used in the processing; the adjustment error is in the honing process various adjustments are always required in the process, and these tasks may bring errors.


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