Why is the speed range of the main drive of a CNC spline milling machine larger?

CNC spline milling machine adopts hobbing to process spline shaft workpieces with various tooth shapes. It can also hob spur gears and spur gears, and can process taper splines and stepped gears. The mechanical systems and components of CNC spline milling machine have high static rigidity of dynamic and automatic spline shaft milling machines. The machine tool that uses the hobbing method to process straight groove spline uranium, gears with small teeth, and involute spline uranium is suitable for this machine tool. It is used in the processing of spline uranium and gear shafts in the automobile, tractor industry, machine tool manufacturing, hydraulic manufacturing, hoisting machinery, construction machinery and other industries.

Usually, the rotary motion of the milling cutter of the CNC spline milling machine is the main motion, and the movement of the workpiece (and) the milling cutter is the feed motion. It can process planes, grooves, various curved surfaces, gears, etc. In addition to milling spline shafts, it can also process more complex profiles. The efficiency is higher than that of planers. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing and repair departments.


At present, the main drive motors of milling machines basically no longer use ordinary AC asynchronous motors or traditional DC speed-regulating motors. They have been gradually replaced by variable-frequency spindle motors and AC speed-regulating motors. The main transmission of the milling machine requires a large speed range to ensure that a reasonable cutting amount can be selected during processing, so as to obtain good productivity, processing accuracy and surface quality. For the multi-process automatic tool-changing CNC machine tool-machining center machine tool, in order to meet the requirements of various processes and various workpiece materials, the speed adjustment range of the main motion should be further expanded. The speed change of the CNC spline milling machine is carried out automatically in accordance with the control instructions, so the speed change mechanism must adapt to the requirements of automatic operation.


In addition, machining centers and CNC machine tools require the spindle to achieve indexing and thread cutting, so the spindle system also needs to have a servo function.

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