Do you know the safe operation method of CNC spline milling machine?

Geepro's CNC spline milling is mainly used to process straight and helical cylindrical gears with a modulus of m≤3mm. It can also be used to process worm gears by the radial method. This equipment is especially suitable for automotive brake camshafts, automotive half-shafts, Machining of long shaft gears such as transmission shafts.


The following explains the safe operation method of CNC spline milling machine:

 (1) Before work:

1. To check the "handover record".

2. Check whether the operating handle, hand wheel, switch, and knob are in the correct position, whether the operation is flexible, whether the safety device is complete and reliable, and whether each part is in good condition.

3. Check whether the oil in the oil tank and oil pool is sufficient, and whether the oil circuit is unblocked. Wipe off the dust on the surface of the guide rail; do the lubrication work according to the requirements of the lubrication chart, and then turn on the power.

4. When using the machine tool when the machine is stopped for more than 8 hours, run it at a low speed and empty for 3-5 minutes, and then start working after confirming that it is running normally.


(2) At work:

1. It is strictly forbidden to use the machine tool with super performance.

2. It is forbidden to place objects on the surface of the machine tool rails or painted surfaces.

3. According to the processed material, key depth or modulus, adjust the milling head angle, select and adjust the milling cutter speed and feed amount, and adjust the milling cutter steering, the moving direction of the worktable, and the milling head angle must be tightened .

4. Workbench stop block, feed safety block and fastening screws of various parts must be tightened after adjustment.

5. For work that requires high machining accuracy or heavy load (equivalent to gear modulus 6), rough milling should be divided into two, and the rough milling depth is about 6/10 of the total depth.

6. When it is necessary to stop the machine, stop the feed motion first, and then stop the spindle, so as not to damage the tool and workpiece.

7. It is strictly forbidden to wipe, adjust, measure and clean while the machine is running


(3) After work:

1. All joysticks must be placed in the "stop" position, and the power supply must be cut off.

2. Carry out daily maintenance.

3. Fill in the "handover record" and do a good job of handover.

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