The determination of machining technology of parts by CNC spline milling

CNC spline milling is mainly used to process different product components such as spline shafts and gears. The structure design is reasonable and the machining accuracy is stable. It is mainly driven by spiral arc bevel gears. The headbox worm adopts independent lubrication. Each processing part adopts high-quality cast iron and adopts advanced treatment, and the processing performance is stable.

CNC spline milling is a special machine tool that uses the hobbing method to process straight groove spline uranium and gears with small teeth. It is suitable for the processing of spline uranium and gear shafts in the automobile, tractor industry, machine tool manufacturing, hydraulic manufacturing, lifting machinery, construction machinery and other industries.

Determination of the machining process of CNC spline milling parts:

1. Part process analysis

The process analysis of this part is mainly carried out from the aspects of structure shape, size and technical requirements, positioning foundation and blank. The part has a complex shape and is an axisymmetric figure. The dimensions of the part must be reasonably marked, the axial dimension accuracy is high, and the surface roughness must be rough and finished, and then processed on a grinder. The part has a spline that needs to be heat treated.

2. Determine the blank

Due to the complex shape and structure of the parts, if the bar is directly processed, the cutting performance of the parts can not be guaranteed and it is not economical. Therefore, the use of die forging to make the blank can save time and labor, and can also improve the cutting performance of the parts.

3. Processing method

According to the machining surface of the part (external circle, end face, key, keyway and threaded hole), part material and tolerance level and surface roughness requirements, consult the part surface processing method, processing economic accuracy and surface roughness related content in the process manual, and its processing Methods as below:

a.External surface

The surface roughness is Ra0.8μm, and rough turning, semi-finishing turning, rough grinding and fine grinding are required.

b.end face

The end face of the part is the end face of the revolving body, and the dimensional accuracy is not high. The surface roughness is Ra1.6μm and Ra12.5μm. The end face of Ra1.6μm can be rough turning, semi-finishing and rough grinding, and the end face of Ra12.5μm can be roughed to meet the requirements.


The tolerance level of groove width and groove depth is IT8, and a three-face milling cutter is required for rough milling and semi-finish milling.

d.Threaded hole

According to GB regulations, its tolerance class is IT14, and drilling is required.

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