What is the use of plastic pipe threading machine?

Plastic pipe threading machine is used for threading the plastic pipe ports of plastic (PE pipe, PVC pipe) and other materials. This machine has the characteristics of high precision, uniform threading and fast speed. It is a plastic pipe sleeve for construction sites, factories and other related industries. Ideal product for buckle.Plastic pipe threading machines have various types of plastic pipe threading machines with a diameter of 10mm-3300mm, which are suitable for processing plastic pipe threads of various industries and materials.

It can be widely used in mining gas pipe threading machine, PVC drilling pipe threading machine, PVC drilling pipe threading machine, plastic pipe threading machine for geological exploration, special threading machine for fire extinguisher siphon pipe, PVC pipe, PE pipe and PP pipe A series of plastic pipe internal and external thread processing equipment such as screw machine, and various special-shaped plastic pipe thread processing machines can also be customized.

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