What is the method to maintain the centering machine tool?

End milling and centering machine tool is a kind of processing machine, also called milling machine. It has high efficiency, high consistency and high precision. It can complete the processing of two positioning end faces and center holes of various shaft parts. It provides high-efficiency and high-precision positioning benchmarks for all subsequent tasks. In the production of high-efficiency shaft parts, the role of milling face centering machine tools is becoming more and more important, which is closely related to the processing of the positioning reference of shaft parts. It can be said that one of the important indicators that affect the production and processing efficiency of the entire shaft part is the milling end face centering machine tool. It is an ideal and necessary for processing automobile half shafts, camshafts, crankshafts, gearbox shafts and motor shafts. Indispensable processing equipment.

The CNC milling and centering machine tool adopts horizontal CNC servo drive mode. The power heads at both ends simultaneously complete the milling of both ends of the workpiece, and the other end simultaneously completes the drilling of the center holes or outer circles at both ends. It has rigidity. Excellent, high precision, strong flexibility, stable work, high processing efficiency.

The method of maintenance of the milling machine

  1. Check the liquid level of the cooling oil tank and water tank at any time and add oil or water in time. If it is too dirty, you need to replace or clean the oil tank, water tank and filter

  2. Check the waste oil pool frequently and remove the accumulated waste oil to avoid overflow.

  3. Frequently clean the paper cutter and check for paper jams, etc.

  4. Check the shaft drive belt from time to time, and adjust the tightness of the belt according to the instructions.

  5. From time to time, press the insert on the guide rail on the roller, and adjust the tightness according to the instructions.

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