Powder molding servo press technology

GEEPRO MACHINERY supplies Powder Metallurgy Press. Today, we are going to talk about powder molding servo press technology .

The powder molding servo press is driven by a servo motor, and is controlled by PLC and man-machine interface to realize the integrated control of machine, electricity, liquid and gas. The equipment is equipped with a mechanical limit device to ensure the consistency and stability of the product. In addition, a distribution device can be added to realize automatic powder pressing and floating molding. It is suitable for: powder metallurgy, fine ceramics, magnetic materials, hard alloy, metal powder, Round, elliptical, and complex special-shaped powders such as inductor cores are formed by pressing.

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1. Pressure accuracy: The pressure repetition accuracy can reach ±1%;

2. Displacement accuracy: The displacement repeatability can reach ±0.03mm;

3. High efficiency and energy saving: high speed operation, energy saving effect can reach 50%;

4. Flexible suppression: stable work, no shock and vibration of the equipment;

5. Digital control: digital setting parameters of pressure displacement speed;

6. Noise control: the noise can be lower than 70 decibels when the equipment is running;

7. The sliding speed is 50-175MM/S adjustable;

8. The theoretical working speed of the slider is adjustable from 5-20MM/S (adjusted by percentage);

9. The theoretical ascending speed of the slider is adjustable from 50-150MM/S.

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