What is the difference in structure between the CNC gear hobbing machine and the ordinary machine tool?

The difference in structure between the CNC gear hobbing machine and the ordinary machine tool is that the CNC gear hobbing machine is a product of the integration of machine, electricity and hydraulics after the computer is introduced into the manufacturing system. The CNC system is the control core of the CNC gear hobbing machine, and the biggest difference between the ordinary machine tool and the CNC gear hobbing machine. With the development of science and technology, the host structure of CNC gear hobbing machines has also undergone significant changes, such as turret tool holders, tool magazines, manipulators, tool setting devices, and detection devices are all applied to CNC gear hobbing machines. 

And because of the addition of material system and management system in FMS and CIMS systems, the fault diagnosis of CNC gear hobbing machine becomes more complicated. In terms of control, the CNC gear hobbing machine adopts CNC system, servo control, and spindle motor control, forming a weak current control that is quite different from ordinary machine tools. These are the core parts of the CNC gear hobbing machine. Therefore, the fault diagnosis of the CNC gear hobbing machine requires the maintenance personnel to be a combination of machine, electricity, and hydraulics, and have a higher cultural quality. The diagnosis methods, testing instruments and meters are different from the fault diagnosis of ordinary machine tools.

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