Maintenance of CNC honing machine

Due to the complexity, precision, and diversity of CNC honing machines, we pay more attention to the life and maintenance of the machine. The life of the CNC honing machine is determined by the brand, but the service life can be in three stages. The new machine runs-in period, normal trial Period, state maintenance period.

The maintenance during the running-in period of the new machine is easily overlooked. The general running-in period of the new CNC honing machine is about 24 hours. Maintenance during the running-in period is more important than maintenance. Because of the particularity of the new machine, during the running-in period, you should refer to the relevant manuals and materials to fully understand the performance of the machine, and master a certain amount of experience in operating and maintaining the new machine before you can operate the machine tool. The working load of the new machine tool during the running-in period should not be too large. After a period of work, the machine should be stopped for a period of time to prevent the machine from overloading during the running-in period and the temperature of the machine tool will be too high.

During other periods of operation, you should check the use of various oils in the machine more to ensure that the lubricating oil between each live shaft is added in time to prevent wear. At the same time, keep the machine clean and adjust the loose parts. Insist on cleaning up the scraps on the machine tool in time after the end of the daily work, develop the habit of constantly checking the machine tool and adding lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, etc., to maintain regular machine operation, so as to improve the CNC honing machine Service life.

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