How to Repair Ball Mill Pinion Shaft?

The pinion shaft of the ball mill is prone to metal fatigue and permanent deformation under the heavy-load low-speed, heavy-load high-speed high-torque startup and under the action of equipment vibration and radial impact, resulting in a clearance fit between the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft, resulting in Relative movement produces wear. For some old equipment or second-hand equipment, once this problem occurs, it will seriously affect the normal production of the equipment.

When the maintenance personnel found that the bearing seat of the pinion shaft of the ball mill reducer had a relatively large vibration, and the bearing temperature continued to rise. In this case, the emergency stop was made, and the pinion shaft bearing seat was dismantled and inspected. It was found that the bearing on the support side of the pinion shaft was seriously damaged and the shaft was severely worn, and the unilateral wear depth reached 6mm. Since the pinion shaft of the ball mill is seriously worn, and the equipment speed is as high as 960r/min, the requirements for the concentricity after repair are relatively high, so it is particularly important to choose what kind of process to repair.

In view of the wear of the pinion shaft of the ball mill, it is best to use a suitable repair process for online repair. The repair principle is to use the front shoulder or rear shoulder as the repair positioning surface to ensure the repair is concentric, and the inner hole of the tool is in the lathe. Finishing is carried out on the top to meet the roundness and basic dimensions after repair. At the same time, the comprehensive mechanical properties of the material are better than those of metal, and it has excellent "concession" and does not have the characteristics of metal fatigue wear and plastic deformation. Therefore, fatigue wear and fracture will not occur during long-term use, so the long-term operation of the equipment is guaranteed. During the process, there will be no clearance due to fatigue wear.

The whole process of repairing the wear of the pinion shaft of the ball mill is also relatively simple and easy to operate. It does not require a lot of disassembly, only the repaired part can be disassembled, which reduces or avoids the disassembly. Generally, the repair can be completed in just a few hours, which greatly shortens the time of the enterprise. Downtime to reduce losses due to sudden or major equipment problems.

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