What is sprocket chain drive structure?

The chain drive is mainly composed of sprockets, chains, idlers, and tension adjusters. The accessories have joint links, and chain guides are also used in some transmissions.

When the chain is driven, the roller part of the chain meshes with the tooth part of the sprocket, and the power is transmitted as a mechanical transmission method of tension. The main uses are divided into two categories, one is to connect the motor for power transmission, and the other is to use the attachment on the chain to directly or indirectly transfer the workpiece. Sprockets and chains are all special parts, and only the matching chain and sprocket can be combined for transmission.

Advantages and disadvantages of chain drive:


  1. Can be used for long-distance power transmission;

  2. High allowable tension, can be used for heavy object transmission, with large overload capacity;

  3. Can work in harsh environments such as high temperature, dust and humidity;

  4. Inelastic slip and slip difference, accurate average transmission ratio.


  1. Can only be used for transmission between two parallel shafts;

  2. Poor transmission stability and easy wear;

  3. Vibration, noise and shock are easily generated during movement;

  4. Not suitable for occasions requiring fast forward and reverse switching.

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