What are features and classification of gear hobbing machine?

The gear hobbing machines that appeared after the 1960s mainly used carbide hob for high-speed and large-feed hobbing. The hob spindle often uses a liquid static bearing, which can actively handle oil mist and chip removal. This gear hobbing machine is suitable for mass production of gears. Large-scale high-precision gear hobbing machines are mainly used to process gears that require high motion stability and service life, such as large-scale high-precision high-speed gear pairs for steam turbines and ship propulsion equipment. Generally, it is carried out vertically and horizontally.

 In addition to this kind of gear hobbing machine requiring strict production and precise installation and adjustment, some also set up motion error detection equipment on the hob spindle and workbench, and automatically respond to compensate for errors to improve accuracy. In order to avoid this gear hobbing machine from being affected by internal and external heat sources, the temperature of the hydraulic and cooling systems should be strictly controlled, and it must be installed on a solid foundation in a constant temperature workshop, and an anti-vibration barrier ditch should be set up. Small hobbing machines are used to process external gears. Watch gear hobbing machines generally use carbide hob to process wall clock cycloid gears, which have fast cycle rhythms and high reliability requirements for machine tools. Each machine tool is equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipment for single-machine active processing.

 In addition, there are a variety of gear hobbing machines for special purposes, such as indexing worm gear hobbing machines for processing high-precision worm gears.


    (1) Small batches and single-piece production of cylindrical helical gears and worm gears, and can also hob spline shafts within a certain range of parameters.

    (2) Convenient adjustment, with active parking organization

    (3) With reliable safety equipment and active smooth gear hobbing machine (gear hobbing machine) is a widely used machine tool in gear processing machine tools. The gear hobbing machine can cut spur gears, helical gears, and can also process worm gears, sprockets, etc.

Ⅱ Categories

    Gear hobbing machines are divided into vertical and horizontal types according to their layout. The vertical gear hobbing machine is divided into two types: work table movement and column movement. When the vertical hobbing machine is working, the hob is mounted on the hob spindle and is driven by the main motor to rotate. The tool holder can move straight along the column guide rail, and can also adjust a viewpoint around the horizontal axis. The workpiece is mounted on the workbench, and is driven by the indexing worm gear pair to rotate, and the movement of the hob together constitutes a generating movement. When hobbing the helical teeth, the differential mechanism causes the workpiece to perform additional rolling accordingly. The worktable (or column) can be moved along the bed guide to adapt to different workpiece diameters and radial feed. The tool holder of some gear hobbing machines can also move along the axis of the hob, so that the worm gear can be processed by the tangential feed method. The large gear hobbing machine is also equipped with a single-tooth indexing mechanism, a finger-shaped milling cutter holder and a differential reversing mechanism for processing herringbone gears.

G120, G150, G200, G320, G400, G600 Gear hobbing machines

YK3612, YK3120 Gear Hobbing Machine 4m

YXN3132 Gear Hobbing Machine 8m

YK3125 Gear Hobbing Machine 5m

YK3180 Gear Hobbing Machine 10m

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