First-level maintenance content and requirements of CNC spline milling machine

CNC spline milling machine is a machine tool that uses the hobbing method to process straight groove spline, involute spline, and small teeth gears. This machine tool is suitable for automobile industry, machine tool manufacturing, hydraulic manufacturing, hoisting machinery, construction machinery The processing of spline uranium machine tools and gear shafts in industries such as cast iron.

The first-level maintenance of the CNC spline milling machine is mainly carried out by operators, and maintenance workers cooperate with:

1. Clean the surface of the machine tool and each cover, keep the inside and outside clean and free of rust.

2. Complete and fasten screws, nuts, handles, handballs and other parts to keep the machine neat.

3. Clean the accessories to be clean, tidy and rust-proof.

3. Check and adjust the clearance of the main shaft, shaft, bearing, gear and other transmission parts in each box.

4. Adjust the clearance of tailstock inserts.

5. Remove the burrs on the table top.

6. Clean the oil filter, linoleum, oil hole, the oil passage is smooth, the oil cup is complete, and the oil mark is bright.

7. Check and tighten the oil pipe joints, there is no leakage.

8. Clean the cooling pump, coolant tank and cooling pipeline to be neat, smooth, firm and free of leakage.

9. Change the coolant.

10. Clean electrical boxes and motors.

11. The electrical installations are neatly fixed, safe and reliable.

12. Check and fasten the zero connection device.

GP6020-2500mm Spline Milling Machine

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