Operation of the honing machine

A honing machine, a grinding machine that uses a honing head for honing the finished surface of a workpiece. It is mainly used for honing workpiece holes in automobiles, tractors, hydraulic parts, bearings, aviation and other manufacturing industries. There are two types of honing machines: vertical honing machines and horizontal honing machines.

Operation of the honing machine:

The honing machine operator should first pass the training in the safe operation of honing, and should pay attention to some matters:

1. Check whether the lubricating oil of the honing machine is enough, especially the gearbox, and see if there is lubricating oil. If oil is not available, add it as soon as possible.

2. Check whether the coolant is clean enough. If the coolant is insufficient, add coolant. The coolant should be cleaned regularly, and dirty coolant is not allowed to prevent damage to the machine.

3. Pay attention to changing the oil for the honing machine, usually every two months. When changing the oil, you need to clean the oil filter and the oil tank with kerosene.

4. After starting the machine, idle for a period of time to discharge the air in the hydraulic pipeline, and check whether the work of each part is normal.

5. Pay attention to the temperature of the hydraulic oil used in the machine tool, which is generally controlled below 60°C. If it exceeds, please take cooling measures immediately.

6. Check whether the oversize of the whetstone is correct, whether the expansion and contraction of the honing head is flexible, and whether the spring that fastens the whetstone seat is firm. Adjust the rotary motion and reciprocating motion of the machine tool spindle to make it meet the requirements of the process specification.

7. Check whether the honing machine works normally and whether the accuracy of the measuring tool meets the standard.

How to maintain the honing machine:

Due to the working nature of the honing machine, we need frequent maintenance to improve the service life and production efficiency of the honing machine.

1. The high-speed cutting of the honing machine will produce a large amount of metal dust. If it is not cleaned frequently, it will cause great harm to the honing machine. Therefore, cleaning must be carried out after each honing, and the power should be turned off when cleaning.

2. Check the grinding wheel regularly and update the grinding wheel in time to ensure the product is accurate. The grinding wheel is the most damaged part of the honing machine. The grinding wheel has to process various workpieces and is the place with the most friction. In addition to being made of wear-resistant materials, it also needs to be inspected regularly and replaced in time.

3. Correct operation. Improper operation will cause damage to the machine, please follow the instruction manual of the machine for correct operation.

4. Use of machine lubricating oil. Lubricating oil can reduce the friction of the honing machine and reduce the damage to the machine. Generally, it is changed every two months. 

5. Pay attention to the temperature of the hydraulic oil used in the machine tool, which is generally controlled below 60℃. If it exceeds, please take cooling measures immediately.

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