What's the role of the steering pinion?

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1. Change the speed or torque.

There are many gears in the gearbox and transmission system. The function of the gearbox gear is to change the speed and torque. There is a final reduction gear in the differential, which reduces the speed and increases the torque.

2. Transmission.

Gears have a transmission function, and there are many gears in the transfer case of many four-wheel drive vehicles, and these gears play a transmission role. The final reduction gear in the differential also has a transmission function. Many gears transmit power by meshing with each other. The gears in the steering system also act as a transmission.

The gearbox is to achieve different transmission ratios through the cooperation of different gears, so that it can adapt to the needs of the car in various situations. When the car starts, it does not need too fast speed, but it needs a lot of torque, and it is necessary to engage in 1st gear at this time. The input gear of the 1st gear is small, and the output gear is large. After the two gears are meshed, the speed of the pinion is reduced, and the torque on the wheels will be very large after passing through the transmission system, so that the car can start smoothly. Different gear combinations can achieve different transmission ratios.

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