Common faults and treatment methods of hardened spiral bevel gear reducer

The hardened spiral bevel gears reducer is used in the reaction kettle, and is commonly used in some pressure vessels used for compression in chemical, petroleum and other fields. The bevel gear effectively reduces a lot of noise in use, and has a good application effect. However, if the bevel gear reducer is not used correctly, it will still cause some mechanical failures. So how to deal with some failures of the bevel gear reducer?

The normal operation of the hard-toothed spiral bevel gear reducer should have uniform noise and no vibration, and the temperature of the lubricating oil in the reducer should not exceed 60 °C. Common faults in the reducer are: severe fever. If there is only a severe fever without any abnormal sound, it may be too much oil; if it is accompanied by the sound of metal friction, it is out of oil. When using oil, the oil level should be kept within the range specified by the oil dipstick; if there is no oil dipstick, the oil level should submerge at least the full height of the three teeth of the large gear, and at most 1/3 of the diameter of the large gear.

If the running sound of the machine is obviously heavy while the fever is severe, and the load current of the motor also increases accordingly, it means that the machine is overloaded, and the cause should be immediately found out and the load should be reduced. When the gear reducer is empty, the sound is loud and accompanied by a knocking sound. Once the load is put on, the sound becomes smaller and the knocking sound is gone. This is that the gear backlash wear exceeds the limit. The gear that has exceeded the wear limit should be replaced, or the gear that can be turned over should be turned over for use.

The hardened spiral bevel gear reducer is smaller in size, lighter in weight, easier to transport and install, and more convenient to manage in later use. If you encounter a fault in use, you still need to find it in time and solve it in time to prevent serious consequences for the later application due to the failure of the reducer. Our company provides various types of reducer equipment, which have undergone strict technical testing from production to processing, so you can choose with confidence.

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