Solution treatment of stainless steel pipes

The use of stainless steel pipes is now more and more extensive. Because of its good corrosion resistance, it plays a vital role in engineering construction. In the process of production, we need to perform solution treatment on stainless steel pipes. The main purpose is to obtain certain Martensite increases the hardness of the product. Let's take a look at the solution treatment of stainless steel pipes:

(1) The intermediate aging method is heated to (760±15) ℃ after the solution treatment, and the temperature is kept for 90 minutes because Cr23C6 carbides are precipitated from the austenite, which reduces the carbon and alloying element content in the austenitic 904L stainless steel tube. , the Ms point is raised to 70 °C and then cooled to room temperature to obtain martensite + α ferrite + retained austenite structure, and the retained austenite is decomposed after aging at 510 °C.

(2) After high temperature adjustment and cryogenic treatment, the solution is first heated to 950 °C for 90 minutes. Due to the increase of the Ms point, a small amount of martensite can be obtained by cooling to room temperature; amount of martensite.

(3) After solution treatment by cold deformation method, cold deformation is performed at room temperature. The amount of martensite formed in the 904L seamless pipe during cold deformation is related to the amount of deformation and the composition of the 904L stainless steel pipe.

The above three methods are commonly used methods for solution treatment of stainless steel pipes, hoping to help everyone.

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