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power metallurgy press


What are the important advantages and disadvantages of powder metallurgy technology?



① It can prepare some materials that are difficult to prepare by other methods, such as refractory metals, pseudo-alloys, porous materials, and special functional materials (hard alloys);

② Because powder metallurgy uses a mold that is very close to the shape of the final product in the forming process, the product processing volume is small and materials are saved;

③ For some products, especially products with special shapes, it is easy to use molds to produce, and the workpiece processing volume is small, and the production cost is low, such as gear products.


①Since the pores in powder metallurgy products are difficult to eliminate, the mechanical properties of powder metallurgy products are lower than those of the same casting products;

②Due to the need for molds and corresponding presses in the forming process, it is difficult to manufacture large workpieces or products;

③ The scale benefit is relatively small

In general, the powder metallurgy press has high material utilization, low processing cost, labor saving, and can obtain materials or products with special properties.

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