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The gas atomization pulverizing process can be decomposed into several areas. What are the characteristics of each area?


The gas atomization pulverizing process can be decomposed into four areas: the negative pressure turbulent flow area of the metal liquid flow, the original droplet formation area, the effective atomization area and the cooling and solidification area. Its characteristics are as follows:

Metal flow turbulence zone: under the action of the backflow of the atomized gas, the flow of the metal flow column is hindered, which destroys the laminar flow state and produces turbulent flow;

Primitive droplet formation zone: Due to the scouring of the atomized gas at the lower end, the turbulent metal liquid flow is stretched, and the metal flow column is pulled off to form strip-shaped original droplets;

Effective atomization zone: Due to the high-speed motion of the atomized gas carrying a large amount of kinetic energy, the impact of the original ribbon-shaped droplets to the tubular shape makes them broken and become tiny metal droplets;

Cooling zone and solidification zone: At this point, the tiny droplets leave the effective atomization zone, cool down, and gradually spheroidize due to surface tension.

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