What are the correct ways to use the milling machine?

The processing method and process route of the milling machine are determined, and the reasonable processing method and process route are determined according to the principle of giving full play to its functions. When determining the CNC machining tool, factors such as processing method, cutting amount and workpiece material should be comprehensively considered to meet the requirements of convenient adjustment, good rigidity, high precision and good durability. When the milling machine is in use, the positioning and tightening process of the workpiece can be quickly completed to reduce auxiliary time. And try to use combined fixtures to shorten the production preparation cycle. The tool setting point is the starting point of program execution. The selection should be based on the principle of simplifying program programming, easy to find, easy to check during processing, and reducing processing errors. The tool setting point can be set on the workpiece to be processed, or on the fixture or machine tool. In order to improve the machining accuracy of the part, the tool setting point should be set on the design basis or process basis of the part as much as possible.


When the machining route is determined, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy and surface roughness of the machined parts, and shorten the tool path as much as possible, which is conducive to simplifying the numerical calculation, reducing the number of program segments and the programming workload. Cutting parameters include depth of cut, spindle speed and feed rate. The specific value of the cutting amount should be comprehensively considered according to the provisions of the operation manual of the milling machine, the material of the workpiece to be processed, the processing content and other process requirements, and combined with the empirical data. The chucks, cutter heads, etc. used on the milling machine should be balanced; improve the stability of the belt drive, chain drive, gear drive and other transmission devices. Improve the different axial degrees between the axis lines of the shafts connected by the coupling, remove the cam that drives the oil pump from the high-speed shaft and the main shaft; for the latter, by changing the cutting conditions, select the amount of anti-vibration cutting, and choose a reasonable choice. The geometric parameters of the tool, the use of anti-vibration tools, etc.

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