Analyze the function and principle of CNC shaving machine

The gear shaving machine manufacturer---GEEPRO MECHINERY will give you a brief introduction about the working principle of the shaving machine.

The actions are all automatically completed by the CNC shaving machine itself according to the predetermined cycle program; the other is a semi-automatic cycle that can place the clamping and unclamping of the workpiece and the fast forward and fast backward of the worktable outside the cycle. Generally, there are 5 to 10,000 lines per revolution.

The working principle of the CNC gear shaving machine is that the CNC slotting machine consists of a photoelectric code disc with a shaft in the center, on which there are ring-shaped and dark engraved lines, and are read by photoelectric transmitting and receiving devices to obtain four sets of sine wave signals combined into A and B. , C, D, each sine wave has a phase difference of 90 degrees (360 degrees relative to one cycle), reverse the C and D signals and superimpose them on the A and B phases, which can enhance the stable signal; the other output per revolution A Z-phase pulse to represent the zero reference bit.

Since the phase A and B differ by 90 degrees, the forward rotation and reverse rotation of the encoder can be judged by comparing the phase A or phase B before, and the zero reference position of the encoder can be obtained through the zero pulse.

The mechanism of the CNC shaving machine is very simple, so it is more convenient to adjust.

The precision of tooth shaving processing depends on the mechanical tool. Generally, the roughness of the tooth surface is 1.6um-0.8um, and the precision of 6-7 grades can be processed.

The CNC gear shaving machine has a relatively strong ability to correct the helix angle, tooth shape, and radial runout error of the gear. Usually, it can correct 65%-80% of the gear hobbing or gear shaping error.

Due to the free meshing process, the correction ability for the cumulative error of the circumferential joint and the common normal variation error is relatively poor, and part of the radial runout will be converted into the common normal variation.

The rotary motion of the razor, the angular motion of the tool holder, the axial motion of the worktable, the radial motion of the slide plate, and the motion of the profiling mechanism.

Gear honing is more suitable for finishing hardened or non-hardened externally meshing straight teeth, helical teeth, shaft teeth, drum teeth and cylindrical gears with small taper teeth. It can effectively hon the tooth surface and improve the tooth surface. Finish, remove the bumps and deburring of the tooth surface, trace errors after trimming and reduce noise.

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